About us

First, the Golden Web Award can make huge, subtle changes in your IT area, where you not only learn to a professional level, but also achieve a great deal of trust among others. The best web site skills are here and only for you! Send us your copy of the site and expect answers in the near future!
Golden Web Award - is an example of service and is presented IAWMD original and creative sites that deserve recognition. In addition, our events unite the best agencies and think leaders in the world of digital design.

For convenience, since 2017, we have updated the ways of choosing winners of golden web awards. The number of winners has been edited based on how it was before. Now we have one winner per day, per month and per year, which in the end gives 365 gold web winners for the whole year. That is why we are always involved only best of the best and no less!
Our job is to take you and your skills as they are, and to promote only confidence and confidentiality for charity and volunteer work. We will also be happy to interact with the web master and the web server.

Sites that belong to I.A.W.M.D. have an obligation to have only a high level of quality sites. Our committee, which has only the best reputation, is considering every site. After that, choose the best designs and develop them. No other rewards program has such features and does not have such a team with high standards of development, a large number of qualified participants and a recognized public name.